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XMR metalworks

XMR metalworks is specialised in manufacturing low volume series or even prototypes of special parts for any kind of vehicle ( cars, motorbikes, ships, quads, classic cars and sportscars). We have a long experience manufacturing  parts for the automotive sector, and also for motorbikes, and recreational aviation and sailing. We manufacture and repair metal parts for special projects, one-offs and low volume productions. Our main activities include:


Manufacturing and repairing all kinds of exhausts for  2 and 4 stroke motorbike engines.

Manufacturing and repairing all kinds of manifolds, exhausts, silencers, and radiators for any kind of car.

Reproduction and repairing of aluminium parts (metal casting and CNC).

We are specialised in welding steel, inox steel, aluminium, titanium, copper and brass.

We offer several types of part finishing as: emery polishing, sandblasting, oven painting, chrome plating, nickel plating, anodysing and bluing.

Custom projects parts are our specialty, this includes unique prototypes and even short series.

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